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Student Production Deliverable Protocol
This is the "Student Production Deliverable Protocol" page of the "Library Services for Faculty" guide.
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Submitting Films for All Production Students

All Production Students will do the following:

  • Students will receive 2  emails from their instructor: one with a link to the folder that was created for them, and one with a link to the Watkins Student Film Submission Form.  Each student will fill out this Google Doc with the information about his film. Thereafter, students may go to and login with their Watkins email address to click on “Shared with me” to see the files and folders that have been shared with them.

  • Students will click on the link to the Google Form called - Watkins Student Film Submission.  The students will fill out this form with the information about their film and submit.

  • Students will be responsible for creating two compressed versions of their film to upload to Google Drive.  The format of these files will be 720P Quicktime Movie with H.264 compression.   The naming convention is: LastnameFirstinitial_project name_year_class name (FLMXXX.X)for example:  DoeJ_TheBestMovieEver_2013_FLM211.01.  This  will be the completed picture with dialogue and effects audio and music.  A second file  with dialogue, effects audio, but no music will be created and uploaded with the same file name and the extension _nomusicfor example: DoeJ_TheBestMovieEver_2013_FLM 211.01_nomusic.

  • To upload, students will click on their folder within Google Drive, then click the Upload icon (up-facing arrow next to Create) and choose File.  They will then choose the file that they want to upload.  During uploading, students may see boxes labeled “Convert documents, presentations….” and “Convert text from…..”.  Be sure to un-check these boxes, the conversions are unnecessary. We want the Quicktime Movie to be uploaded as is, without any conversion.  The upload will take some time, depending on the size of the file.  If many students are all trying to upload their films at the same time, it will take that much longer, since upload bandwidth is a limited commodity.  Fortunately, Google Drive is available from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Students do not necessarily need to be on Watkins’ campus to do this work.  They can do this from home, if they like.

  • Once the film has been uploaded to Google Drive, the student can check the boxes next to each file and then click the more button and go to Share. From here, the student should put in the email addresses of their actors, crew, and whoever they need to share this file with, in addition to their instructor (who will already have access to it, since it is in a folder that the instructor created and shared with the student to begin with.)  When sharing the file with actors, etc, choose the “Can View” permissions and not “Can Edit”.  If you give the actors “Can Edit” permissions, then they could accidently delete the file.  With “Can View” permissions, they can download the file, but cannot change or delete it.

  • Students will be required to deliver their films via Google by a certain date and time. THAT DATE AND TIME WILL BE 12NOON THE DAY BEFORE GRADES ARE DUE.  The instructor will check to see that the film has been uploaded (both versions), that the metadata Google Doc has been filled out, and that the film has been shared with the actors by that date and time. 
  • A student failing to deliver his film, fill out the Google Doc, and share the film with the actors by the deadline, will FAIL the class.  If the film is a Production 2, 3 or 4, the editor on the project will FAIL the editing class.

    Submitting Production 2,3,4 Projects

    In addition to the Google Drive submission described above, Productions 2,  3 and 4 projects must be prepared for archiving.  The editor and the director share co-responsibility for this process and neither will pass this class if it is not completed.

    The Editor will create a folder on the film department shared drive labeled as per the naming convention for the Google Drive submission (above): LastnameFirstinitial_project name_year_class name(FLM XXX.X) for example: DoeJ_TheBestMovieEver_2013_FLM311.  

    The folder shall contain the following elements, all clearly labeled:  

    1. A fully-mixed, fully-color-corrected Quicktime file (.mov) of the completed project formatted in 1080p, H.264 compression.   

    1. A .wav file copy of the fully-mixed audio track, preferably in 5.1 surround-sound format but acceptable in 2-track stereo.

    1. A .wav file copy of each of the three audio “stems”: dialogue only, sound effects only, and music only.

    1. A copy of the .mpeg video and Dolby audio files used to create the DVD’s submitted for screening.

    1. A copy of the “Watkins Student Film Submission” form created for the Google Drive delivery.


    A student failing to deliver his film, fill out the Google Doc, and share the film with the actors by the deadline, will FAIL the class.  If the film is a Production 2, 3 or 4, the editor on the project will FAIL the editing class.


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